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Site News

1/26/03: There are two new linkware web graphics sets - Ganesha 1 and Ganesha 2.

12/07/02: There are two new mandalas in mandala gallery 5.

08/24/02: The MystiCollection™ has a new home. You can still visit it at, but the bulk of the site has moved to be a sub-site of my business site What difference will this make? It will help me out by keeping my sites together. For you, the only difference it should make is that I will have more time to do mystical art!

There are 3 new mystical fonts - RA Ganesh, RA Egypt Symbols, and RA Egypt Flora. Plus, You can now purchase mystical fonts and web graphics using your credit card online with Robyn A HartonCreative's secure online shopping feature by

07/7/02: Many thanks to Amy who let me know that I had accidentally password protected the entire Reiki/Seichim section. My apologies to everyone for the blunder. Thanks again Amy!

03/26/02: Follow Your Dreams flash movie added.

02/28/02: Two new mandalas have appeared in Mandala Gallery 5. Both are based on the Topkapi Palace in Turkey.

02/24/02: Many thanks to Tiffany for the head's up about one of the web graphics sets not being downloadable. She gets a free custom banner for her site as a thnk you. If you find an error on the site that's my SNAFU, I'll make you a free custom banner too. Just let me know if you find any problems.

12/10/01: The hiatus from the MystiCollection™ is over! There are two new linkware sets in the web graphics section.

Web Graphics Designs7/16/01: The web graphics section now has Web Graphics Designs. These are purchaseware web graphics designs/layouts for exclusive use only. Even if you're not interested in purchasing graphics, take a peek. The graphics are pretty neat, if I do say so myself. Anubis there to the left is one example.

Also, it's time for ye olde webmistress to eat humble pie. I just realized that I accidentally left an old "no right click" script on many of the linkware pages. Not a hanging offense, but it did mean that you couldn't download some of the linkware sets. I've corrected this pesky problem. Sorry about that!

7/6/01: Two new linkware web graphics sets have been added to the web graphics section. One is a mystical set called "Incenser" and the other is a Pagan/Wiccan set called "Chalice Moon." There are also two new mandalas on show in Mandala Gallery 5.

7/4/01: Two new Pagan and Wiccan linkware sets are now in the Pagan and Wiccan and web graphics sections.

6/28/01: A new non-commercial freeware font of pentagrams/pentacles is in the fonts section. And a new pentagrams linkware web graphics set is in the web graphics section.

6/25/01: New Spirituality Section! There is art and info on Pagan and Wiccan, Christian spirituality, and more.

6/20/01: Printable versions of Reiki and Seichim articles are now available.

6/18/01: The MystiCollection has a new look. Let me know what you think of it.

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